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DSpark data privacy standards commended in Harvard Business Review

March 3, 2022

As the data economy continues to grow and mature, the way in which personal data is handled is also changing. Customer data is often collected through various channels such as mobile applications and websites as a basis to inform on customer insights, market predictions and to create personalised digital services. Historically, data that should be considered as belonging to the customer has instead been portrayed as belonging to organisations and businesses. But as a result of the convergence of various market forces, organisations are now required to carefully monitor and control the personal data of their customers.

For example, Apple Inc. made headlines last year with the introduction of new privacy features in iOS 15 to help customers control and monitor how apps on their phones use their data. For the first time since the iPhone was launched back in 2007, customers given the choice whether or not to allow apps to track their activity across other apps and websites, essentially to enable personalised advertising services at the expense of sharing one's browsing habits.

It appears that where once a digital trail was left by users to the benefit of organisations and business, this trail is slowly starting to disappear to the benefit of users.

At DSpark, we consider data privacy to be of the utmost importance. Our data is derived from always-on mobile network data and consists of non-personally identifiable information. Through the use of our patented MobilityGenome algorithms this data is cleaned, processed and extrapolated to cover the entire population whilst at the same time ensuring accuracy, reliability and above all -- adherence to strict Australian data privacy standards.

A recent Harvard Business Review article aims to highlight how rules surrounding data privacy have evolved over time. In the current day and age, data can be the foundation for some of the world's largest organisations. As DSpark offer data-as-a-service to our clients, we too are part of this ecosystem and responsible for upholding laws that aim to protect user data.

To learn more about how the data economy is changing and how DSpark is driving this change, read this Harvard Business Review article.

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