Using movement data to develop insights to help the health industry.

Health at the heart of DSpark.

DSpark's Epidemiology Tool is helping keep people across Asia Pacific safe. Working with governments, health departments and epidemiologists to understand known hotspots to support health responses across the country.

To read more about the tool and how Queensland Health uses it to manage public health policy in response to the pandemic, click here.

“Understanding the complexity of population movement patterns has been extremely important for Queensland’s COVID-19 response. Working with DSpark, and the data they provide, has helped Queensland protect its citizens and its visitors throughout the pandemic. It has been instrumental in supporting and nuancing our response, as we contextual this information with other pieces of intelligence. Throughout the pandemic Queensland Health and DSpark have been able to create innovative and essential tools that are still being used today, by our decision makers and by those in other Governments, tools that have aided in timely and effective decision making that has ultimately helped preserve life in Queensland and for many others across Australia.”

Queensland Health
Dan O’Halloran
Senior Director, COVID-19 Analytics at Queensland Health
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