Media and out of home.

Optimise billboards and analyse movement patterns.

For advertisers, OOH agencies and marketers.

Being able to accurately identify how people pass via advertising sites and create accurate audience segments is crucial to gaining the confidence of advertisers. Creative messaging, behavioural and demographic segmentation, seasonal planning and local area marketing initiatives are just some of the ways out-of-home media organisations and advertisers use DSpark data to showcase benefits to their clients.

With DSpark's unique ability to identify multi-modal travel patterns of both local and international audiences, stay points, origin and destination matrices - out of home providers can determine who views sites when, with a greater degree of accuracy.

DataData as a Service

API subscription where data can be integrated into existing applications.

MobileMobility Intelligence

Custom mobility reports built by data experts to better understand people movement.

HandData Science

Using mobility intelligence and data science to solve your unique business problems​.

MagnetCustom Solutions

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We work with state transport authorities to provide commuter origin destination matrix data, to help model and plan roads and transport services.


With increasing focus on creating more liveable cities, DSpark works with government and local councils to better inform planning and investment.


We provide data surrounding travel and visitation patterns of not only local and interstate visitors but also international travellers.


Advertisers companies utilise DSpark data to optimise their network of billboards, analysis movement patterns past sites and locations.


Working with event organisers to provide insights around attendees, demographics and surrounding activity to better plan events.


DSpark provides retail and commercial property developers insight on shoppers and visitors, and movement data around a specific property.


DSpark's epidemiology tool is helping keep Australians safe. Working with governments to support health responses across the country.


We work in various other industries including consulting, insurance, aviation and all levels of government. See how we can help.