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Featured in the news: DSpark data used to uncover movement insights during lockdown

October 14, 2021
Mobility change in lockdown

DSpark’s mobility data has been featured and syndicated across Australian media outlets including news.com.au, Yahoo, Daily Telegraph, Courier Mail, Herald Sun, and more. We set out to answer the question that’s been on everyone’s mind: How has the mobility of residents in Sydney and Melbourne changed during lockdown?

Sydney and Melbourne have been subject to extended lockdowns as the Delta variant of COVID-19 swept through both cities as a result of an outbreak in Sydney in June 2021. Both cities went into lockdown and strict travel restrictions were implemented in both cities in attempt to curb rising case numbers.

Using a baseline of May to early July this year, our data showed that Sydney residents decreased their trips beyond 10 KM from their home’s Statistical Area 1 (SA1) by approximately 40%. In contrast, Melbourne residents have decreased their trips beyond 5 KM from their home’s SA1 by approximately 20% on average.

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In addition to the above articles, DSpark's data has also been featured in an opinion piece by Benedict Brook on news.com.au. To read that article, follow this link.

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